Thursday 18 January 2018

Lessons of change over 33 long years

Thirty-three years ago Anne Doyle read out her first news on RTE. What an extraordinary range of change she has witnessed at home and abroad over that time.

She has told us of disaster, earthquakes, political upheavals, abuse scandals, weddings, deaths, the rise and fall of political figures and dynasties. And much, much more. We will miss her delivery of both the big news story and the off-beat tale of human interest. We wish her good luck.

And without in any way succumbing to the rose-tinted spectacles of retrospection at this juncture, it is worth noting how her time as conveyer of news, good and bad, has coincided with the most dramatic changes imaginable in Irish society. Much of it has been for good. Much, as we have learned to our cost of late, has been for bad. But there is a lesson in taking her time as a snapshot of what those 33 years have done for us as a nation.

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