Thursday 22 March 2018

Kenny still has a long road ahead

It appears that Lord Acton is out of date for, in these modern times, instead of corrupting 'absolutely', the extraordinary testimony of the Murdochs suggests that 'absolute power' is accompanied by absolute forgetfulness.

Last week's Gulliver-style travels by the Murdochs through the land of amnesia were uncannily like the fable of the king who experiences quite the shock when he disguises himself as a peasant, moves amongst his people and discovers what they really think. In yet another example of how plurality works, Mr Murdoch has certainly discovered the hard way that absolute monarchs become dangerously detached from their subjects when their empires are too vast.

Unlike Mr Murdoch, our Taoiseach is still close enough to the peasantry to remember simpler times when happiness was defined by a summer where "Cork is bet and the hay is saved!" One supposes today's equivalent for a Fine Gael leader consists of "the markets appeased, Sarkozy tamed, Fianna Fail still bet and respect secured".

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