Sunday 25 February 2018

Kenny needs to find a better way

THE series of Independent Group exclusives on the desperate machinations of Anglo Irish Bank portrayed a government and a regulatory process that were utterly incapable of dealing with the crisis that fell upon them. Sadly, whatever about our regulators, the evidence that anything might have changed at the heart of government is slim. Indeed, it is hard not to suspect that the furies the Taoiseach raised over the Fianna Fail-Anglo Irish "axis of collusion" were a less than subtle attempt to divert attention from Mr Kenny's own visit to the Anglo bankers during the height of the crisis. Mr Kenny may be quite the lion when it comes to Anglo now, but he trotted out like a lamb back at the heart of the coming crisis, when the Taoiseach, by his own admission, fell for the spoof, spin and lies being peddled by that dissolute bank.

In seeking to attend to present necessities, Mr Kenny has, as is so often the case when politicians embrace opportunism, raised future difficulties. In particular, his ungainly partisan style has subverted the possible establishment of a successful Dail inquiry that he desires so intensely. For if the Taoiseach cannot be trusted to button his lip on this issue, how can more humble TDs be expected to conduct themselves appropriately?

The chaotic, ill-focused and unnecessarily fractious response to the challenge posed by the Independent Group's series of Anglo Tapes is also, alas, indicative of how we are being governed as poorly by the current Government as their predecessors.

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