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Jump in double jobbing suggests we still believe in paying our way

Double jobbing has increased dramatically in the last year, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office.

The reason a growing number of people are taking more than one job is unclear as yet, but a likely explanation is that many workers suffering from pay cuts and increased taxes are now working a second job to supplement their incomes and pay their bills.

With all the talk of 'strategic defaulters' and mortgage arrears, it is often forgotten that the majority of people still believe in paying their debts.

Until now most 'double jobbing' was associated with those who were trying to get on the property ladder. Ironically the same people may now be working at two jobs to keep up the mortgages they took out during the boom.

That double jobbing is more prevalent among farmers than any other section of the community is no surprise, as part-time farming has been the trend for many years.

What is interesting is that a majority of those working at two jobs are over 45 years of age and are more likely to be self-employed, which means they have to be more innovative when it comes to making money.

The CSO has also established that double the number of men have second jobs compared with women. However, many women would argue that they already have two jobs, they just don't get paid for their labour in the home.

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