Tuesday 21 November 2017

It's still all about George

THE tiresome George Lee affair has gone way beyond a joke. Both sides in the war of the airwaves are beginning to sound extremely foolish. Mr Lee is aggrieved and indignant about the onslaught from Fine Gael -- "there's about 70 of them and only one of me" -- but he brought it on himself by taking his leave "with great fanfare", as Simon Coveney said. He might have been wise to make a more dignified departure, perhaps accompanied by publication of the economic measures that he had tried, and failed, to incorporate into Fine Gael policy.

And even if his Fine Gael colleagues were as obtuse and resistant to change as he has said, it is hard to believe that this professional communicator was unable to make his voice heard, with or without a frontbench position which would surely have come in time.

For their part, interventions by Fine Gael frontbenchers have simply fuelled a controversy that is doing their party no good.

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