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In a cynical world brave Lora is truly an inspiration to us all

Amid all our troubles it is heartening to receive good news, particularly on the health front. Lora Doyle, an inspirational 15-year-old from Arklow, has been told that she is clear of cancer. Lora came to public attention in this newspaper in February with her relentlessly positive message. In a letter to the paper she told how she had ignored a lump growing on her neck for six months, until it was eventually checked. It turned out to be Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Facing such a difficult illness, Lora could be forgiven for feeling sorry for herself. But she showed admirable selflessness and presence of mind in thinking of others, and going public to warn against the dangers of ignoring these lumps.

Despite her own troubles, she was determined to look on the positive side. She also had the good grace to thank her doctor, Dr Robert Foster, and her oncologist, Dr Michael Capra, for their help.

Lora, who turned 15 in March, underwent chemotherapy lasting almost two months. The treatment seems to have been a success. One can only imagine the relief in the Doyle family when they received the news that she had the all-clear.

This story has ended not only with a positive outcome for the 15-year-old, but also for Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children, for which she has been busy fundraising.

Lora deserves our gratitude for her positive outlook. She is a credit to her family and her locality.

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