Thursday 26 April 2018

Immaturity of political culture

IT is a measure of the sustained adolescence of Irish political discourse that when a politician speaks honestly, he is called an idiot.

Of course, when it comes to Mr Kenny's woes, we would be more encouraged if they were caused by a deliberate willingness to speak openly of the flaws in our character. But the Taoiseach's madness in Davos was little more than one of those unfocused streams of consciousness he occasionally indulges in when let out on his own. And any sympathy for Mr Kenny's current travails must be qualified by the Taoiseach's regular pandering to this adolescent school of public politics for his own political advantage.

Sadly, we should not be too surprised by the hysterical response to Mr Kenny's accidental journey into the land of truth. Irish personal debt may be out of kilter with the rest of the normal world, but one of the great staples of Irish public discourse is that it is every-one from the Normans to Lehman Brothers, rather than we ourselves, who are to blame for our travails.

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