Thursday 18 January 2018

Hidden dangers of McGuinness

ONE of the more curious truisms in Irish public life is that we have the most intelligent electorate in Europe. A quick examination of the galaxy of the corrupt and the inept that destroyed the Republic suggests such a claim is optimistic. Instead, our track record, when aligned to last week's polls, suggests it is entirely possible Martin McGuinness could yet win the current shambolic presidential race, by accident as much as by design.

So far, when it comes to those who are less than enthusiastic about such a concept, Sinn Fein has claimed criticism of a McGuinness Presidency is informed by some quasi-racist opposition to 'having a Shinner around the place'. In fact, as is so often the case with that party's propaganda, it is not even half right, for the positives involved in Ireland finally escaping the nightmare of our history means many look forward to the day when they can endorse Sinn Fein in an electoral contest.

But Sinn Fein's candidate in this election is Martin McGuinness, and in spite of all the talk about the well-nourished egos of figures such as David Norris and Michael D Higgins, even they cannot compete in the ego stakes with a man who has engaged in, and supported, a criminal quasi-political campaign of murder for two decades against the wishes of four-fifths of the people of this State.

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