Sunday 18 March 2018

Haiti's victims of survival

THE people of Haiti have passed the point of desperation, if not of rescue. The struggle for food and water has become a battle for survival, not of the fittest, but of the most ruthless. Unfortunately for the majority of law-respecting citizens, an already sizeable criminal element has been swelled by convicts who escaped their shattered prisons to join the growing anarchy.

The normal language of civil unrest is no longer applicable. How can we describe as "looting" the desperate scavenging of food for starving children? Except that, now, the scavengers increasingly carry machetes and roam in gangs.

Meanwhile, promises of international aid for the stricken people are pouring in, but medicine and food lie logjammed in a crippled seaport and an airport that has to turn away aid planes because of a lack of space and fuel.

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