Monday 11 December 2017

Great to hear straight talking

FINE Gel's Leo Varadkar summed up the death sentence on Anglo Irish Bank yesterday when he said that it came "two years and billions of euro too late". He could have added that it came at the end of a period marked by exceptional levels of deceit and concealment.

After three years of ever-worsening crisis, in the wake of the EU/IMF bailout, and infuriated by the calamity brought about by bankers' recklessness and greed, few people could have been in a mood to rejoice yesterday when the Governor of the Central Bank, Professor Patrick Honohan, made his announcement on the Anglo wind-down.

But there is good cause for rejoicing -- and not just because the notorious arrowhead logo will disappear. Dr Honohan in his RTE interview yesterday, and Mr Azai Chopra of the IMF in his interview in this newspaper today, have set standards for straight talking which, if applied in time, might have saved us great misery.

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