Wednesday 17 January 2018

Gilmore genie is out of the bottle

RARELY have so many genies escaped from such a number of bottles in one week. And, when it comes to the liberated sprites, the Government, and Eamon Gilmore in particular, face quite the struggle to recork them. In the case of Mr Gilmore, the people of Meath East sent the Tanaiste a simple moral tale about the price paid for broken promises. And the only appropriate response Mr Gilmore can give is to axe those members of the Cabinet who are most responsible for the public collapse of trust in the Labour 'values'.

Another genie that is certainly on the run is the fallacious belief that Europe is the friend of small countries. If only because of the purity of her faith, the sentiments of European Affairs Minister Lucinda Creighton about how Ireland could act as an inspiration for countries such as Cyprus are to be commended. However, once sentiment is replaced by realism it swiftly becomes clear that the only appropriate response in Cyprus and Ireland to the views of Ms Creighton and the arrogant supposition by the Maoist Autocrat Mr Barosso that "Cyprus is now on the road to recovery" is the brittle hollow laughter that those who are ill often engage in when they pass a well-stocked graveyard.

After Cyprus, the EU genie is out of the bottle in more ways than one. Mr Kenny's "seismic deal" increasingly carries the weight of a shadow when set against the enthusiasm of Mr Schauble and the Dutch Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem for the Cypriot "final solution". As it becomes increasingly clear that the EU exists solely to serve the trading interests of the Nordic powers, the mirage of a deal on the legacy debts of the Irish banking bailout is being replaced by concerns that a European 'union' that was prepared to thieve the savings of small Cypriot depositors may soon cast avaricious Teutonic eyes on the IFSC and corporation tax.

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