Friday 27 April 2018

Fianna Fail's infernal games

It may be the best of times to be a Eurosceptic but Fianna Fail should realise that, in its case, feasting with this particular political panther leaves it dangerously vulnerable to the fate that befell the young lady from Riga who went for a ride on a tiger. If you are wondering, afterwards there was no sign of the lady, but observers detected 'a smile on the face of the tiger'.

In fairness, the forces driving the rise of Euroscepticism are multifarious. There can be no doubting that the Euro elite's response to the Great Disruption is a fraud against the citizens, who are being forced, at the point of a fiscal compact signed by cowardly and stupid politicians, to bail out the banks with their lives and futures. The dirty little fiscal compact Enda Kenny has signed up for will impoverish a continent, but, just as diplomacy was once famously compared to war by other means, the current peace certainly proves the diplomat's nib is mightier than the sword.

Like a modern Bismarck, Frau Merkel has managed to create a German hegemony in Europe without spilling a single drop of German blood. The proof of that is provided by the proposed and, for now, rescinded 'occupation' of Greece by some German-sponsored gauleiter.

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