Monday 20 November 2017

Favouring the head over heart

THE best summary of Ireland's tangled relationship with the UK was provided by the wry observation that every time the English found the answer, the Irish changed the question. There is more than a slight element of this surrounding our dealings with a European Union, which is poised to add political gridlock to incoherent economics.

Nothing epitomises the disdain of the electorate more than 'the plague on both your lying houses' message that has been sent to all the political parties in today's Sunday Independent/Millward Brown Lansdowne poll. One could hardly blame the electorate for their disdain. Despite their egregious evasiveness when it comes to hard truths, the 'No' campaign is correct in claiming this referendum is attempting to set the Merkel economics of austerity into Constitutional stone. Of course, as is so often the case with anything associated with Sinn Fein, apparent truth hides a greater lie -- because voting 'No' offers us an almost certain route to even more brutal austerity.

Our options are stark. Mr Ganley may cleverly claim the current EU referendum is little more than a ticket to the Titanic. The difficulty with that analysis is that, courtesy of the sleeping Mr Cowen, we were dragooned on to that drowning ship three years ago. This means that the real essence of what Mr Ganley suggests is that, seeing as the lifeboats are pretty crowded, we should telegram a letter of complaint to the captain and swim for it.

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