Friday 20 April 2018

European dream hangs in balance

THE current iron age of austerity is evolving into the grimmest of decades for progressive forces. Under the new school of carrion capitalism, any concept of ongoing human development has been stifled as the Northern EU states flirt with a new fiscal 'iron curtain' that will abandon the 'feckless' Greeks, the remaining PIGS and the Balkans to their fate.

It is understandable that Germany may be tempted to end Helmut Kohl's policy of enlightened communal self-interest, let loose the wolf of economic autarky, and then let the devil take the hindmost. But while any social and economic implosions would begin in the peripheral states of Europe, any wolves let loose there will gallop fairly swiftly towards the European heartland

In a world now run by accountants, appealing to moral impulses can easily be dismissed as the last refuge of the bankrupt. This amorality should not deter us from reminding those attending next week's EU summit that Europe is not just a fiscal unit. It is also an ideal centred on the concept of ending the possibility of a return to a factionalised, war-torn past and a statement of belief in the school of liberal democracy which believes citizens in countries other than Angela Merkel's Germany have the right to a better existence than that of being sharecroppers to a banking elite.

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