Opinion Editorial

Friday 24 January 2020

Enjoy summer while you can

It may be a summer of gloom on many fronts, but we cannot be faulted for not trying to cheer ourselves up. Festivals abound, colour and pageantry flourish.

Thousands of families who would normally be soaking up continental sun are economically restrained in how and where they can spend their holidays. Maybe it is time to enjoy what is on our own doorsteps.

Even the misery of rain and interest rate increases should not distract from what we can enjoy now. Many festivals are free. They infuse the country with a bit of life and levity.

So if you can this weekend, get out and about. It is summer, and it should be a time for families and especially children. A day out can evolve as a cherished memory over the years. Regardless of our perilous financial state, we can still laugh and enjoy ourselves.

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