Tuesday 21 November 2017

Egyptians deserve better than another military dictatorship

IN TAHIR Square in 2011 the world looked on with sympathy and expectation. The sympathy for the massed thousands was based on the simplicity of their demands. Alas, their appeal for bread, freedom, justice and dignity has gone unanswered.

What of the expectation? The world was curious, if sceptical, that an Islamist government could address the massive task of dealing with the needs of 84 million people driven to the edge. We now have our answer. President Mohammed Morsi was told: produce a road map for the country's future, or the army would.

Morsi has clearly failed to deliver, but the prospects of a junta doing much better are bleak. At the heart of Egypt's crisis is a leadership vacuum and a loss of direction. There is no Gamal Abdul Nasser or Anwar Sadat to fill the gaping void. The protesters have been vociferous about what they do not want, but exactly what they are prepared to live with is also unclear. Equally, Mr Morsi has manifestly failed to assert control. What type of government we can expect to see is a mystery.

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