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Monday 23 October 2017

Editorial: We all need to be on our guard online



The boundaries of what is or is not appropriate to put on the internet is not just an issue for children, but with the increasing use of the internet for social media purposes, for all of us.

Today is Safer Internet Day, an EU-wide initiative to make young people, in particular, aware of some of the dangers posed by this magnificent invention. What it points to is that almost constant vigilance is needed to ensure that people are protected from some of the vile material on the world wide web, but also that we need to be protected from ourselves.

Many young people (and indeed older people who should have more sense) seem unaware that material they put up on social media can now be shared universally. Not only are there obvious dangers from this, but a split-second decision to share a photograph can and does come back to haunt people for years afterwards.

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