Wednesday 22 November 2017

Editorial: Public has called time on austerity

John Bruton
John Bruton

It may not have been entirely intentional, but John Bruton did the citizen and the State some service with his timely intervention on austerity.

The jumble of electoral opposites across Europe has up to now defied analysis, but the anger and, in the case of Mr Kenny, outright nervousness that was displayed over Mr Bruton's forthright Malthusian declaration that we face another decade at least of austerity stamping its boot on our futures clarified matters enormously. The decision of the European citizenry to embrace the extremes of the Left and the Right with a level of vigour not seen since the 1930s is a clear signal that we have, when it comes to austerity, reached the limits of tolerance. Sadly, Mr Bruton's performance suggests that the signal being sent by the great mistral of European discontent is not clear enough for some.

The rest of the political class, however, is slowly realising that a great division is accelerating between the few who possess and the exponentially accelerating 'working poor' who do not. They are also beginning to realise that last week's Great Repudiation of the political classes was not a one-night stand. It was instead a declaration by the 'working poor' that they are in a state of burgeoning revolt against the ongoing grind of the Satanic Mills of austerity that is being implemented so slavishly by our eternally flexible political servants of the real masters of the Iron Age of Austerity.

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