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Editorial: Children need life lessons for digital age


Takeover approved by europe

Takeover approved by europe

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Takeover approved by europe

Companies such as Facebook, Twitter and other leading firms social media firms are making a great deal of money from the young people of today.

It is easy for those who want to blame them for all the ills afflicting modern youth, but this would be wrong. However, with all the money and influence they wield in our world it has to be recognised that they do bear much responsibility for the 'information sharing' now common in various groups of society.

Information sharing can be beneficial and help any number of people who need support and guidance when suffering from illness or other misfortune. But it is worrying that girls as young as 13 with eating disorders are sharing details of websites that aid the growth of these disorders. With anorexia and self-harm reaching critical levels, the suicide prevention charity Console has suggested that online giants should pay for compulsory 'life lessons' for children in national and secondary schools.

This is a very worthwhile suggestion - and one that these wealthy companies should embrace.

Irish Independent