Thursday 19 July 2018

Diplomacy is a stock set to soar

There was something of the 1930s surrounding the language used to describe the new German/French-sponsored 'pact for competitiveness'. In fairness, this may not constitute a 'Pact of Steel', but they do appear to be determined to rule the continent by stealth.

Sadly, when it comes to Ireland, this may not be a happy experience. Our politicians may be talking bravely about sticking up for Ireland, but nothing captured the reality of our status more than a recent vignette at an EU ministerial meeting after a Greek delegate dared to differ with some German proposal. The German representative walked haughtily across the room, bent down, berated the Greek for his cheek in even daring to have a view and, having silenced him, stalked back to his chair.

Such now is the reality of 'partnership' in Europe.

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