Monday 16 September 2019

Davis, the quango queen

As we report in today's paper, presidential candidate Mary Davis was paid almost €190,000 for serving on three state boards between 2004 and 2009.

During this period, Ms Davis variously served on the boards of the Dublin Airport Authority, Campus Stadium Ireland, AKA the 'Bertie Bowl', and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.

For a candidate who claims to be independent of any party, her ability to pick up such choice political appointments is truly remarkable.

This money was in addition to the €156,000 salary that she received as chief executive of Special Olympics Europe/ Eurasia.

Ms Davis has stepped aside from this job for the duration of her presidential election campaign.

Throughout her campaign, Ms Davis has stressed her lack of political affiliations. She has also emphasised her "outsider" status, not least with the utterly daft proposal to rename Aras an Uachtarain Aras na nDaoine.

While she may not be a member of any political party, her appointment to a raft of state boards indicates that, far from being an outsider, Ms Davis is a formidable networker and consummate insider.

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