Monday 20 November 2017

Cowen's latest act of denial

BRIAN Cowen complains about "negativity" in the media's reporting of the financial and economic crisis. This is a typical and traditional reaction from governments whose own publicity machines have run out of excuses for their failings. It seldom succeeded in the past, and it will not succeed now.

In point of fact, the media have displayed a considerable amount of sympathy with the travails of the Government and with the Taoiseach personally. But it is absurd to expect them to accept the "spin" which, to take only one example, tries to play down the significance of the downgrading of Ireland's credit rating by the Moody's agency.

Such a downgrade increases the risk of higher interest rates for government borrowing. That may not happen, but a heavily indebted country cannot ignore the threat. The same is true of many other threats to our beleaguered country. Mr Cowen will not fend them off by denying their existence, but by facing the facts and thereby supplying some desperately needed leadership.

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