Thursday 22 March 2018

Children minister a lonely ray of light

WHAT sort of country are we when it appears that only the threat to jail a couple of bishops, and hopefully a cardinal, will secure full co-operation from 'mother' church over the serial rape of children by their priests?

It is a measure of the failed nature of the Irish State that our moral pastors have enjoyed the same impunity from justice as those 'reformed' terrorists who buried the disappeared. Still, at last those Catholic cardinals in their palaces who imposed oaths of secrecy on violated boys and girls in an amoral attempt to turn them into the ecclesiastical equivalent of the disappeared, are being confronted by the ghosts of their ghastly acts.

When it came to his first Cabinet, the Taoiseach came in for some criticism when he appointed a Minister for Children. Given how we have treated our children it was in fact the least he could do. And Frances Fitzgerald to her credit looks like a minister who, unlike the forelock tugging Mr Cowen, is more than willing to see a couple of bishops jailed if Mr Papal Nuncio does not learn that Irish Home Rule is not -- as Mr Carson claimed in 1912 -- Rome Rule.

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