Tuesday 20 February 2018

'Chaps' culture serves us poorly

IN the 'Conflict of Evidence' episode of Yes, Prime Minister a fool called Sir Desmond Glazebrook is chosen as the new governor of the Bank of England so as to facilitate the bailout by the British taxpayer of a bust English bank.

The essence of the Glazebrook philosophy, which in spite, or rather because, of his stupidity makes him so suitable for the post, is that in the world of high finance "decent chaps don't check up on decent chaps". Instead, in this happy world "if you are honest then when you make a pig's breakfast of things the chaps rally around and help you out" while if you are crooked "well, if you're making good profits. . . chaps don't ask questions. They're not that stupid."

No one can deny the 'chaps' have certainly had a good run of it in our failed political entity. Last week it was palpably clear that if you behave like a 'decent chap', the Revenue is, in a land where only the poor and the middle classes pay tax, equally anxious to avoid American-style vulgarities such as the courts.

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