Thursday 19 April 2018

Car sales show we're on road to recovery

WHEN the Berlin Wall came down, most east Europeans did two things; they bought a car and went on holiday. Now that the worst of our financial problems appear to be over, we are doing much the same. The country's airports were busier this Easter than they have been for years, while experts are now predicting that car sales will surpass the magical 100,000 mark next year following strong sales so far this year.

Car sales are one of the surest indicators of economic confidence. A car is not a normal purchase. Everybody remembers their first car and most people think long and hard before buying a replacement. A new job often prompts a new car and it is likely that many of those now buying a car are among the thousands of people who are now leaving the dole queue every month.

To add to the good news, we are also acting more responsibly by picking cars with low emissions and high fuel efficiency rather than the fuel-guzzlers that once clogged up our roads.

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