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Tuesday 12 November 2019

Broadband key to building our future

The Government's plans to roll out high-speed broadband, with every citizen in the country having access to broadband speeds of at least 30 megabits by 2015, will ensure that future economic growth will not be hampered by lack of access to this crucial piece of infrastructure.

Under the plans announced yesterday by Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte, half of the population will have access to 100Mbps broadband by 2015.

However, while the private sector will provide high-speed broadband in built-up areas, state support will be required to provide high-speed broadband in rural areas.

The total investment required will be approximately €350m, split equally between the State and the private sector.

Even in the hard times we are currently enduring, this will be money well spent.

In the new knowledge-based economy high-speed broadband is a necessity rather than a luxury.

If we are to compete in the markets of tomorrow then it is vital that all companies and individuals have access to high-speed broadband.

Now that he announced his ambitious broadband targets, Mr Rabbitte must ensure that they are achieved.

It is only by doing so that Ireland will be in a position to benefit when the global economy begins to recover.

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