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British can put on a show

There's nothing like a British royal wedding to bring out the closet-monarchist in even the most die-hard Irish nationalist. And who could fail to be bowled over by yesterday's extravaganza, which was watched in virtually every home on the island?

The beautiful bride, a handsome prince, the fashionably attired guests, the uniforms and the magnificent backdrop of Westminster Abbey -- yesterday's wedding had it all.

When it comes to ceremony, nobody does it better than the British. They make Disney look like rank amateurs.

And the great thing is, now that the Northern Ireland troubles are no longer poisoning Anglo-Irish relations, we in Ireland can join in the fun with added gusto. Next month Queen Elizabeth II visits this country, the first time a reigning British monarch has visited the Republic of Ireland.

Hopefully she will be followed soon after by the newly created Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. When they do they will be guaranteed a hearty cead mile failte.