Tuesday 28 January 2020

Bold Gerry Ryan a unique talent

THERE is real sadness in the country today at the death of Gerry Ryan. The broadcaster added considerably to the gaiety of life in a country badly in need of some cheering up.

His style was unique among Irish broadcasters; a spinner of stories rather than discs, a commentator on current affairs with a light and mischievous edge that eludes most of the more serious souls who bend our ear each day.

Gerry Ryan's colleague and friend from college days, Joe Duffy, said he was often asked what Gerry was really like: "He's exactly what you hear on radio, only worse."

Joe summed up most people's impression of Gerry Ryan when he described his friend as a bold boy, in every sense of the word.

Bold, as in naughty. Bold, as in daring.

Cheeky and opinionated, he was Ireland's first, and perhaps only, 'shock jock', pushing the boundaries all the time. His legal training kept him within acceptable limits. Most of the time. There were frequent complaints to the Broadcasting Commission about his antics, but they were rarely upheld, due to the man's professional sense of balance and inherent fairness.

His beautiful young family must be devastated by the loss of their proud, funny and attentive dad.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the children and to Gerry's wife Morah. The entire country shares in their loss.

Sadly, with the death of this bold, bold boy of the airwaves, Ireland has lost one more reason to smile.

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