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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Bizarre race for FF leadership

MICHEAL MARTIN, a man usually regarded as a cautious and sure-footed politician, last night changed the face of the Fianna Fail leadership with a dramatic proposal which flies in the face of historical precedent.

Unfortunately, the proposal was not only dramatic and in its way historic, but eccentric and bordering on daft. His suggested solution to his party's problems was to oust Brian Cowen as party leader but let him remain as Taoiseach until the general election when, presumably, the electorate will turn him out.

This idea had been in the air for some time in the political and media world. It may have had an appeal for the deputies who, as the Foreign Minister revealed last night, had approached him to discuss their concerns about the party's future. But most of those who heard it, dismissed it without hesitation.

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