Sunday 19 November 2017

A duty of care

IT says something about how we are governed that Prime Time has more influence on how children are treated than a constitutional referendum.

State lack of interest in children has been an endemic feature of Irish governance since the industrial schools, and the revelations about childcare that followed the Prime Time documentary were more chilling than the programme.

One would have hoped past and present political crocodile tears would have facilitated better protection for children than the current 'light touch' regulation so favoured by our elites, but that, again, does not appear to be the case. Last week's revelations should remind ministers such as Frances Fitzgerald and Ruairi Quinn that before they go on a frolic creating early childcare castles in the sky, they have a duty to check the foundations upon which they are building. Truth hurts, but, for the majority of citizens, imposing the HSE upon children is like asking wolves to tend sheep. Mr Kenny and his Minister for Children, meanwhile, should eschew the platitudinous politics of sentiment, realise bad governance in our endemically sloppy State does not grow like Topsy, and act accordingly.

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