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A different kind of Easter

EASTER was traditionally a time for introspection, penitence, redemption and eventual renewal. At another time we would be aware of its arrival because of the rites and rituals that traditionally attend its coming.

These are different times, however. It is telling that we have come to a place where we have been told to look to the banks for "forgiveness," and it fell to the Dalai Lama recently to remind us that we are more than an economy, and that values are not something solely attached to the material.

There are those who might welcome the fact that the pulpit of the Catholic Church no longer casts such an imposing shadow over our society. There are others who might also argue that the baby has been thrown out with the bath-water.

They would contend that respect, trust, and compassion, characteristics that were traditionally heralded at this time of the year, seem to have been discarded.

This week we were given what many may regard as an uncomfortable look at how others see us. The Nyberg report on the banking crisis identified a "herd mentality" or "unquestioning consensus" where the blind pursuit of property cost us so dearly.

Whatever future should eventually be fashioned from the difficult circumstances in which we now find ourselves, a little more introspection and renewal would hardly go amiss. Happy Easter.

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