Tuesday 20 March 2018

A Coalition in strategic default

After less than two years the Coalition is suffering from a serious case of strategic default.

It is, in fairness, too early to say it is politically bankrupt, but the Government is seriously behind on every aspect of the political payment plan it promised to deliver on, in return for the enormous mandate the electorate provided it with.

Angela Merkel's decision to dismiss the Government's "illusionary" recapitalisation strategy with the sort of oblivious condescension of a latter-day Thatcher in Hillsborough is the most florid example of the accelerating implosion of this Government's increasingly minimalist objectives. After the excesses of the Cowen era it is understandable we decided that the Irish would seek to be the good boys of Europe. But in the wake of the Merkel equivalent of Mrs Thatcher's "out, out, out" demarche, it is becoming increasingly clear that, not for the first time with Germans, appeasement is not working, Mr Kenny.

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