Tuesday 23 January 2018

10 reasons not to cast a vote for Sinn Fein

'Gerry Adams said on RTE radio last Thursday that a strategy for Irish unity was a
'Gerry Adams said on RTE radio last Thursday that a strategy for Irish unity was a "red line" issue for the party and insisted it would push in government for a referendum on a united Ireland' Photo: Oisin McHugh FusionShooters.


1. Gerry Adams has led the party since the 1980s, and is contesting his fourth election to the Dail. He still has no command of policy detail, a woeful understanding of economics, and seems to believe bluster and aggression will deflect all reasonable questions. The idea that this approach will work in Europe is laughable. Mandarins in Brussels may be unpalatable, but they know their stuff, and they eat amateurs like Adams for breakfast. Just ask Alexis Tsipras.

2. Speaking of the Greek prime minister, SF has still not provided a credible explanation for its support for Syriza and other left-wing movements, all of whom have so far failed to achieve any of the concessions which SF continues to pretend that it can win in the face of the same resistance from EU power brokers. As a result, Greece is a basket case looking at decades of economic stagnation; Spain has unemployment levels that make the worst days of Dublin in the 1980s look like a boom by comparison; and Portugal is without a stable government and beginning to suffer the effects as it's shunned by investors. Why would Ireland fare any differently if it heeded the siren's call?

3. SF speaks with a forked tongue on opposing austerity, implementing cuts in government in Northern Ireland while claiming it would oppose them in government in the Republic. "Sinn Fein is doing Tory austerity - and in spades," as SDLP deputy leader Fearghal McKinney put it. West Belfast, the heartland of the party, suffers the worst child poverty in the whole of the UK and 2,000 people languish on the housing waiting list in that one area of the city alone.

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