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Tuesday 22 January 2019

Moment of truth on Brexit arrives 

As the negotiations on Brexit enter a crucial and, probably, defining phase, the need for calm heads and wise counsel has never been more essential. The options available to the United Kingdom and the EU have been narrowed and more clearly defined by recent events in the House of Commons to the point that one of three outcomes now look likely: the current withdrawal deal, heavily rejected in the Commons last week, is revived and somehow secures the necessary majority support; the UK crashes out of the EU on March...

Echoes of bust to be heard in boom 

We live in a society, not an economy, the argument goes. A fuller truth, however, is that a modern society needs an economy to prosper and a modern economy needs a stable society to function. In the decade during which the economy failed, society suffered greatly through the implementation of harsh austerity. During those years, there were times when the normal functioning of society was threatened. Thankfully those days, by and large, have passed, although the ills within society are still far from settled. It is to be...

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