Sunday 19 August 2018

Eamonn Sweeney: Cynical acts should be condemned, not praised

The Last Word

Diarmuid Connolly. Photo: Sportsfile
Diarmuid Connolly. Photo: Sportsfile

Eamonn Sweeney

According to Diarmuid Connolly, Dublin drew inspiration in this year's championship from a quote by the Austrian psychoanalyst and writer Viktor Frankl.

Frankl, a concentration camp survivor who helped a huge number of people before he died ten years ago, was a truly great man and his masterpiece Man's Search For Meaning will improve the life of anyone who reads it. But I can't help thinking that the final minutes of last week's All-Ireland final suggested the players are drawing inspiration from other sources. Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street or the Joe Pesci character in Goodfellas perhaps.

Cormac Costello's kicking away of David Clarke's tee was a pretty despicable act and Lee Keegan throwing his GPS unit at Dean Rock was even worse. This was shabby and mean-spirited stuff yet there have been suggestions that both players, and the Dublin forwards who dragged down their markers in synchronised fashion during the closing stages, should not just be excused but praised for their willingness to go that extra mile in search of victory. You could say the same for Lance Armstrong I suppose. The cynicism motivating last week's incidents was bad enough but the sycophancy they inspired was even worse.

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