Sunday 18 March 2018

Dr Ciara Kelly: Sacked 'pay gap' columnist insulted all women

A gender pay gap says a lot about how society views women
A gender pay gap says a lot about how society views women

Ciara Kelly

I'd been watching with interest the gender pay gap debate - first focused on the BBC and latterly on RTE - but had thought there were enough voices in the mix so no need for mine. Until Kevin Myers arrived.

Myers wrote a particularly obnoxious column in the Irish edition of The Sunday Times with the headline 'Sorry Ladies - equal pay has to be earned'. The clear implication was that women aren't paid the same for doing the same job - simply because we haven't earned it.

The article has achieved some notoriety as Myers was sacked after accusations that the column was anti-Semitic. This was in relation to one paragraph that pointed out that the two highest paid female Beeb presenters were Jewish; and said: "Jews are not generally noted for their insistence at selling their talent for the lowest possible price." Thus bringing to a halt a long career in journalism - something his previous articles suggesting single parents were the mothers of bastards, that Africa has given the world nothing except AIDS and, indeed, that there was no Holocaust, had failed to do.

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