Monday 24 September 2018

Dr Ciara Kelly: Love or loathe it, St Valentine's Day is here to stay

Valentine's Day helps us mark how we feel about love and our beloved
Valentine's Day helps us mark how we feel about love and our beloved

Ciara Kelly

Happy Valentine's Day. Yes, not really a greeting and also clearly a bit late, but still vaguely topical.

St Valentine's Day, depending on your view is either the original Hallmark holiday - although clearly now there's a clatter of them - like Mother's Day, Father's Day, National School Teachers' Day, Colleagues You Worked On a Failed Project With Day, Distant Relatives Day. And, of course, wedding anniversaries. (Although that last one may be a real thing.) Or it's an opportunity/requirement to actually express how you feel about the significant other in your life.

Or very possibly - it's a bit of both. Because, despite lots of us being cynics in other aspects of our lives, so many of us do seem to end up sharing a bottle of plonk and a plate of pasta on that night - despite recognising all the while that it's a bit of a scam, it really shouldn't be a thing and we probably should know better. The thing is this, you may in your rational brain scoff at all the saccharine, schmaltz that goes with Valliers (I'm just trying that out - let me know what you think) and opt for non-acknowledgment of the feast of the patron saint of love. Eschewing cards, dinners out, presents and all notions of romance. And opting instead to loftily ignore it.

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