Saturday 21 April 2018

Dr Ciara Kelly: Do social media chiefs need to write new rules?

A billion dollar business can afford to spend money on moderators
A billion dollar business can afford to spend money on moderators

Ciara Kelly

Facebook's files on its moderation guidelines came under scrutiny this week, with The Guardian newspaper in the UK revealing the criteria FB moderators use to decide if a post is suitable to be left up on the massive social media platform or if it should be taken down.

Moderators are apparently swamped with vast amounts of content to review and can barely get through images and posts that have been reported to them - often having only a few seconds to decide if something is offensive, indecent, violent, abusive, racist or in breach of FB policies for site usage.

What's really interesting is what does and doesn't result in removal seems to be quite arbitrary or even questionable. So you can't make an even vague threat against someone like Donald Trump - because he's the POTUS, so he gets special protection online. But you can describe quite graphically how you might efficiently go about murdering a random person - as this could be seen as fantastical and not credible.

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