Monday 22 October 2018

Dr Ciara Kelly: Any exam student feeling intense pressure at this stage should definitely be brought to their GP

Dr Ciara Kelly
Dr Ciara Kelly

Good Lord! There's only two weeks and three days to go until English paper One! THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE! Yes with the exams now decidedly imminent, we are in unchartered waters as parents, and as examinees-to-be. Things have become a little different as most of our Leaving Cert students are either finished or about to finish up school - so we're now in the eye of the storm with classes behind them and the exams ahead of them. They're in the weird revision-zone in between.

This can be an absolute game changer for some students in terms of what can be achieved in this time. With them still being able to devote two to three days to revising each subject which means - provided they're strategic and focused - they can actually cover almost everything that is likely to come up in most exams. It's important to remember that even students who haven't managed to be consistently good at applying themselves can still do OK if they work their butts off now.

The lack of routine though is one of the main challenges for kids at the minute - especially if they live in a house where parents are out at work all day. Most teenage body clocks naturally prefer to get up late and stay up late so don't be surprised if some of your offspring turn into night owls now, sleeping in of a morning and studying into the small hours. I was one of those myself - when it came to study I often found the eerie quiet late at night a good time to get stuff done.

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