Friday 6 December 2019

Don't be a hero - some helpful tips for Mamils

THE majority of Mamil-related injuries are easily avoided.

And according to Louise most are caused by jumping straight onto a bike or the running
 track without warming up properly.

"Be prepared. Warm up and cool down, get your body moving. Not so much stretching, but skipping or hopping movements, particularly when you've 
been sitting at a desk for eight hours."

For the running Mamil, the knees are the most vulnerable to injury.

Louise says many common Mamil injuries are simply a result of bad posture, particularly when it comes to cycling.

"Think about the posture 
that your sport requires
 and prepare for that," adds Louise.

"Think about the flexibility that is required in your upper back without straining the neck. A lot of the people are unaware of what the sport requires the body to do. Cycling is one of these. When you are sitting on a bike bent forward and you don't have flexibility it puts a lot of strain on the neck. You also need a lot of flexibility to be able to look straight ahead without straining the back."

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