Despite doomsayers, Ireland can benefit from Brexit - by hook or by crook . . .

Sheep and cattle farmer Colin Gibson in the Sperrin Mountains near Dungiven, Co Derry, has painted the word IN on his cattle and sheep as a reminder for people to vote to stay in the EU. The word IN is the slogan for Northern Ireland Stronger In Europe. Photo: Mark Winter/Getty Images

David McWilliams

'By hook or by crook' is a wonderful, outdated expression. It's the sort of thing my grandfather used to say. We all know what it means, but where does it come from? I heard it the other day while at the wonderful O'Sullivan's pub in Crookhaven watching a dogged Leicester City grind out another result against Manchester United. With pints and toasties in front of us, we watched as Leicester had a man sent off in a belt and braces final five minutes, when the old fella beside me declared: "This Leicester outfit are determined to win the league by hook or by crook."