Wednesday 17 January 2018

Deadline day knees-up ushers chief revellers out the door

Sports cartoon
Sports cartoon

Dion Fanning

There was widespread consensus last week that Monday's deadline day was the worst ever when there is a strong case to be made that, in fact, it was the most compelling of them all.

Deadline day exists for us to glimpse man's inhumanity to man - and to man's agent. By this reckoning, last week's was a resounding success as, in the absence of any actual deals, we glimpsed the desperation and we saw corporate man as he is supposed to be.

Of course there was some suffering. If deadline day as imagined by Sky Sports is theatre, then this was gritty realism, an attempt to capture the truth of football which was no less compelling because it was not the vision the creators had for the day. Football, like life, has more to do with Nathan Buddle than Radamel Falcao.

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