Thursday 22 February 2018

Why working until the grave might not be so bad

Retirement could mean a cremation urn instead of a carriage clock, which is why we need a midlife break

No rest: Golden pond may have to wait
No rest: Golden pond may have to wait
Donal Lynch

Donal Lynch

It was one of those headlines that was supposed to send a chill down the spine: 'Government think tank says we should work until we're seventy.' And, at first glance, the ESRI's latest prediction of the medicine we have to take does sound a little grim.

Imagine slogging throughout the morning commute when you're too rickety to fully turn your head to check for traffic. Or having to take a 'personal day' to get a stent in your heart. It's most likely all ahead of us.

Seventy will put us way past the age when our parents retired - my own father exited the workforce in his 50s - and it could be frightening territory. But someone has to pick up the steadily bloating pension tab and over-65s are the fastest-growing demographic in the state.

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