Thursday 19 July 2018

Why putting Gerry Adams on a par with Michael Collins is just plain daft

Cartoonist: Ken Lee
Cartoonist: Ken Lee

Suzanne Breen

A snazzy Sinn Féin ard fheis on the eve of the actual 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising is typical of Gerry Adams's sense of theatre and history. The party president has always harboured ambitious ideas of how future generations would view him.

When compared in September 1994 to Michael Collins, another republican who made a historic compromise with the British, Adams grandly retorted, "He didn't end partition".

Putting Adams on a par with Collins may have been excusable in those heady days immediately after the IRA ceasefire. Now, it's just plain daft. The 31-year-old soldier turned statesman was cut down in his prime, long before his potential was realised. The record of Sinn Féin's pensioner president - still stubbornly clinging onto his position after 33 years in office - is there for all to see.

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