Wednesday 14 November 2018

Why Housing Minister won't fix homelessness

Last week's health scandal buried bad news about the rising number of homeless, writes Eoin O'Malley

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy. Photo:
Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy. Photo:

Eoin O'Malley

Eoghan Murphy might not have been happy to see another health scandal dominate the media in the last week, but he was certainly helped by it. Because he was in the middle of his own little scandal.

The hard-hatted minister gives the impression of a middle-class Stakhanov, a man of action, shirt sleeves permanently rolled up, ready to build those houses himself if he must.

But there are signs that his activity included him actively manipulating the homelessness figures to avoid them reaching 10,000. That's the number of homeless people that ministers had said they did not want to see breached.

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