Tuesday 23 January 2018

Why Charlie Sheen is no HIV hero

Charlie Sheen has never claimed to be a good guy, writes Sarah Caden, and his HIV status won't make him a saint

Bad Boy: Charlie Sheen managed to maintain a loveable rogue image
Bad Boy: Charlie Sheen managed to maintain a loveable rogue image
Sheen speaking to Matt Lauer during his TV interview this week.

Sarah Caden

Charlie Sheen has never invited anyone to feel sorry for him. Not through his drinking, his drug-taking, his divorces, nor his domestic-violence issues. In fact, perversely, he has always invited admiration for seeming proudly indifferent to disapproval. His revelation last week that he is HIV positive hasn't changed that.

It hasn't changed Charlie Sheen; but it's going to change how people view him - and he knows that. That's partly why he kept it quiet for nearly four years.

Up to now, Charlie Sheen has enjoyed affectionate public opinion. Despite foul online tirades against his exes, despite his revolting attitude to his "goddess" porn-actress girlfriend, despite his refusal to grow up at 50 years of age, he's managed to maintain a loveable-rogue image. "Oh, that incorrigible Charlie Sheen" has been the attitude - and he has revelled in it. And he knew last week, as he revealed his HIV-positive status to NBC's Matt Lauer, that the game was up.

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