Thursday 22 February 2018

We're fat and getting fatter, but we still can't face the f-word

If we lost a few stone as a result, says Sarah Caden, then facing up to our national fatness might not be a bad thing

Prof Donal O'Shea
Prof Donal O'Shea

Sarah Caden

These days, to call someone fat is the worst insult you could sling at them. How strange that is, in a country where it is becoming the norm to be overweight.

Last week alone, the World Health Organisation (WHO) presented statistics that projected that by 2030, Irish men will be the most overweight in Europe. They also predicted that while 23pc of Irish women are considered obese now, almost half the female population will be by 2030.

Not just overweight, not even just fat; but obese. That's not the territory of lay off the biscuits and the nightly goblet of wine. That's gastric-band territory. For half the women in the country. Who'd still take the major hump if you dared to suggest that they were fat.

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