Friday 19 July 2019

Week-ipedia - Geldof shows he's Scot his countries confused

Bob Geldof addresses crowds of 'No' campaigners as they attend a 'Better Together' rally in Trafalgar Square, London
Bob Geldof addresses crowds of 'No' campaigners as they attend a 'Better Together' rally in Trafalgar Square, London
Cork captain Anna Geary celebrates with the O'Duffy Cup
Darragh McManus

Darragh McManus

He's long left this island, and has spent the last 30 years slagging it off to all and sundry. And "Sir" Bob Geldof's transformation from Irish to English seemed complete when he made a rousing speech against Scottish independence.

Urging Caledonians to stay within the UK, his cri de coeur was peppered with words like "we" and "all of us". "We are the closest of cousins," he implored. "When one of our blood spills, then it all spills".

His presumptuous - not to mention geographically and historically confused - intervention prompted scorn online. One Tweeter declared: "It's time for Ireland to declare independence from Bob Geldof."

Meanwhile as the referendum campaign entered its final days, there were interventions from all manner of people.

Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown mixed his metaphors to some sort of sublime level, blabbering on about "an economic trapdoor from which we might never escape" while at the same time warning of an "economic minefield where problems could implode at any time".


Hayes Hotel

The iconic venue where the GAA was founded has sold for €650,000. Seven men convened at the Thurles hotel, under wild-haired visionary Michael Cusack in 1884. The new owner remains a secret, although Rupert Murdoch was reportedly seen in the lobby that morning.


The number of bike trips in Dublin almost doubled in the five years to 2011, to a total of 18 million. That’s 18 million opportunities to ignore red lights, cycle on the pavement and wear ridiculous acrylic clothing. No, that’s a joke: not every cyclist wears the daft gear.



Tánaiste Joan Burton said the high cost of funerals, in Dublin and other urban areas, was “staggering”. Even outing in a small urn with the ashes of a loved one carries an “extraordinarily high” charge. As Clint Eastwood said in The Outlaw Josey Wales, dying ain’t much of a living — but this is ridiculous.

Online News

People are more likely to forget the news if they read it on screen rather than in a paper-and-ink newspaper. It’s to do with how often websites change, creating the impression of transience. “Paper papers” are also better for cleaning up after the dog.



“I’m hesitant to support either side, be it the right one. . . or the obviously wrong one.”

Groundskeeper Willie off The Simpsons makes the case for Scottish independence#



Fianna Fáil held a think-in, but apparently their leader wasn’t thinkin’:


Micheál Martin thinks Fianna Fáil will get Dáil majority? Ah here take yer numbers guy roll him up in a blanket and give them a good kicking


Anna Geary captained Cork to the camogie All-Ireland, just weeks after competing in the Rose of Tralee:


So, Anna Geary, how was your year? Get up to much?


Ned O’Sullivan continued his courageous war on seagulls:


Senator Ned O’Sullivan...making us look like provincial inbred hillbillies with his #seagull war. We deserve better officials than this.


Acting beauty Eva Longoria will be appearing at Dublin Web Summit:


Can’t wait to give Eva Longoria a demo spin of my pigeon fancying app.

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