Friday 16 November 2018

We must not miss the bus over transport in a changing Dublin

Buses have a big role in getting people around a busy city - as long as they go to the right places, writes Eoin O'Malley

NETWORK: Buses are not sexy, but they do the job.
NETWORK: Buses are not sexy, but they do the job.

Eoin O'Malley

Expect howls of anger from the residents of certain parts of Dublin as the 46A bus will be consigned to history under a new bus plan for Dublin.

If BusConnects is adopted we'll see most of the existing route numbers changed and replaced with a letter and a number. Each letter, A to G, will represent one of seven ''spines'' running through the city where there will be very frequent buses. As they get further out of the city, each lettered bus will branch out depending on its number; so you might take the A3 to DCU or the A2 to the airport.

People are attached to the bus they know - because they know it. That shouldn't stop a rethink of the bus system. Dublin's bus routes developed incrementally. As new areas were built, buses were added to serve them. Almost every bus was radial, going like a spoke from the suburb to the city centre and back again. By the time all these buses converge in the city centre, especially around O'Connell Bridge and College Green, the buses are backed up in queues. The proposed system will have more people changing buses to get where they want, but it should expand the number of places they can get to quickly.

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