Wednesday 22 November 2017

Water debate is due to State's 'Rob Peter to pay Paul' approach

Water levy should be based on consumption and over-usage
Water levy should be based on consumption and over-usage
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Much of the controversy around Irish Water has more to do with the detail of implementation than the substance of whether a water charge should exist or not. Everyone in the State is shocked at the sight of raw, untreated sewage entering the bays of coastal towns in a country which places a high value on tourism.

Equally, the majority of people accept that the infrastructure, piping and treatment plants need major replacement and upgrading. Allied to this, the chemicals being added to 'purify' much of the water sources coming out of lakes with peat content may in the long term be cancerous. It's also unacceptable that thousands of people have to boil their water before use.

The first question is this. Why has this state of affairs been allowed to come about and how has the water service been neglected to such a degree?

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